Newsletter #2021-1, Operations During the Ontario Stay at Home Order

Tennis During the Stay at Home Order, April 2021.

Revision, Apr 15 2021, The courts are closed until May 20 2021.  None of the rules below apply.

The Municipality of Kincardine (MOK) has asked the tennis club to operate per the OTA Covid Guidelines.  That means there are restrictions for operating the courts during the Provincial Stay at Home Order.

The agreement with MOK is to operate one court as follows:

  • The court is only open to paid members of the Kincardine Tennis Club
  • The court needs to be reserved in advance
  • All names of players need to be recorded at the time of booking
  • The gates will remain locked when the court is not in use
  • A maximum of 5 members are allowed inside the gate.
  • Physical distancing and hand sanitization is required
  • Use your own marked tennis balls when serving unless you are from the same household
  • Return tennis balls to the server by foot or racquet
  • It is the responsibility of members to avoid the courts if they have any cold/Covid symptoms

Members can reserve up to 3 days in advance, with a limit of 2 reservations, per member, per week.  A minimum of two names must be provided at the time of reservation.  Two hour blocks will be reserved for the even hours starting at 8:00 AM.    The last reservation allowed will be at 8:00 PM.

The member making the reservation is responsible to ensure that the player names are correct.  If the court won’t be used, please cancel the reservation.  If it is rained out, you can email the reservation address.

A combination lock and chain have been placed on the east gate.  The combination will be given to the member that reserved the court.  The combination will change weekly.  The court is to be locked after use by the organizer if no other members are coming on the court.  Do not leave open for non-members.  Shoe tags will be issued to registered members for proof of membership.

Members can email for reservations.

The net was installed Apr 9.

If you have any questions, please email me.

Dean Finlay