Newsletter #2023-2, May 19

On the Courts

The rainy weather in April is in the rear-view mirror as group activities are in full swing in May.  Sign-up and Drop-in doubles are averaging 8 players per session.  Some new members have joined the groups in order to meet other members. 


To date, there has been no pickleball activity on Court 3 although the designated times are in effect.  Pickleball players require ideal weather conditions before they venture outside. 

Bump-free pickleball is permitted on Court 3 Tues, Thurs, and Sat 8:30 to 14:30h, and Mon, and Wed, 18:00-20:00h.

Court Maintenance

The benches, tables and portable toilet have been installed.  Windscreens will be installed later.

Tennis Instruction

Beginner adult and junior group lessons have filled.  The lessons begin on July 3rd for one hour per week, for 6 weeks.  A waiting list is available in case someone drops out.

For private lessons, call Charlie Hall Elwood at 519-807-4291.

Weekly Schedule

A weekly schedule of pre-arranged games, and scheduled court reservations, will be sent out to members.  The schedule will also be posted on the website under “Events and Lessons”.  Reservations are not required, but courts that have been reserved have priority over drop-ins.

If you have a pre-arranged time to play, please let me know by Sunday at 18:00h.  The schedule is from Mon-Sun.

The purpose of the schedule is to help coordinate court times during periods of congestion, like the mornings when pickleball is on Court 3. 

Final Note

Registration as of today is 66 adults and 9 juniors, with many new members.  Membership is on pace to exceed last year’s total, which has grown every year since 2019, when the Club re-formed.  It is a positive sign that a vibrant tennis community exists in Kincardine.

Enjoy the good weather and the upcoming French Open.

Call or email me if you have any questions or comments.

Dean Finlay