2022 Memberships will be available in March 2022.

Seasonal membership fees will be set after the Annual General Meeting in January.

Next year short term memberships are available for $5 per person per day, $10 per week, or $20 per month. Call 519-385-1365 if you want any of these memberships.

More information can be obtained by emailing

Memberships can be paid by bank etransfer to If paying by cash or cheque, contact one of the Executive Members to meet.

Seasonal membership provides priority access to the courts and membership in the Ontario Tennis Association (OTA).  OTA members receive benefits are described here.

Most of the membership fee income is used for the routine operating costs of the club facilities such as the purchase and repair of equipment (nets, windscreens, squeegees, lights, weeds etc). Administrative expenses are for liability insurance, advertising and club activities. Also money is held for major capital expenses like court resurfacing.