Newsletter #2021-6

Kincardine Tennis Club Newsletter 2021-6                                                     2 Nov 2021 

On the Courts

The season is coming to an end but the nets are going to stay up until snow and cold temperatures are consistently forecast. At the moment, it looks like the nets will stay up until at least Nov 14.

At the end of the season there were 70 adult and 6 junior members. This is about 10 more members than 2020.

Sign-up doubles Mon, Wed, and Fri. from 10:00 to 11:30 AM, is still happening. Contact Jerry Dvorak for details

Tuesday 6-8 PM drop-in doubles will still occur until the nets come down. Thursday is an alternate date for Tuesday rainouts.

Pickleball and the Tennis Courts

Pickleball players began a fundraising campaign for new courts. Some tennis club members contributed to the campaign in good faith, acknowledging the benefit of a dedicated pickleball facility in Kincardine.

Approximately $4,000 was raised and turned over to the Kincardine Recreation Office. During the course of a couple of meetings between the Rec. Office and the fundraising team, the notion of painting pickleball on the tennis courts suddenly appeared as an option for utilizing the funds. This was never discussed with the tennis club, or people that donated to the drive.

The fundraisers went even further, requesting that Kincardine Council commit, by December 1, to either building new courts, or painting pickleball lines on the tennis courts. The letter was attached to the Committee of the Whole agenda under (Consent Agenda Communications, Section 8.5 f) at the November 1 council meeting, but was not discussed during the meeting. There is no requirement for Council to respond to the pickleball communication.

The Davidson Centre re-opened to pickleball, in September, thus eliminating the need to play pickleball on the tennis courts.

KTC will have an Annual General Meeting in the off-season to discuss the future of the club. The executive will gauge support for the existing club structure or if there is any interest in allowing the tennis courts to be lined for pickleball, and become a Tennis and Pickleball Club.

Members will have a chance to volunteer to be on the club Executive in 2022, and shape the club for the future.

Court Maintenance

Members may notice some white spots on the courts. This is a sealant that was applied to paint defects, in order to preserve the court coating. There are a number of pinholes appearing on the courts that may require repainting, instead of patching.

Weed control will be required next year as there are a number of areas where the weeds have penetrated the court coating near the perimeter.

Final Thoughts

2021 was another incomplete season, as the courts had to be locked in April until late May. Then the pickleball accommodation came into effect June 1, and again on July 20th.

Overall, members responded well to the disruptions and we had a great season. Membership and recognition of the club has increased, based on the club’s website traffic. The goal is to continue to grow and start having more social events once the pandemic is behind us.