Newsletter #2022-5 29 Aug


Kincardine Tennis Club Newsletter 2022-5                                                        

On the Courts 

Sign-up Doubles set another attendance record with 17 players on July 25.  Email Jerry Dvorak at if you want to play. 

Tuesday night Drop-in doubles typically has enough players for 2 courts.  New players are always welcome at 6-8PM. 

Inter-club play 

The Southampton Tennis Club contacted KTC and the Hanover Tennis and Pickleball Club to find out if there is an interest in inter-club play.  KTC responded that it is open to discussing this initiative.  No meeting has taken place yet. 

Let me know if you are interested in this activity.


A meeting between the Municipality of Kincardine (MOK), KTC and a pickleball representative took place July 31 to discuss lining another court, and using a temporary paint instead of tape for pickleball lines. 

It was decided that no other court would be lined, and that a non-permanent construction marking paint would be used to replace the pickleball tape on Court 3.  The paint is to be applied Thursday September 1. 

A new topic was raised about expanding the amount of bump-free times for pickleball.  i.e. bump-free means KTC members can’t use their priority rights to remove pickleball players during the designated times.  KTC offered Monday and Wednesday 1-4 PM, while Tuesday, Thursday and Friday was extended from 11:30 to 2:30 PM.  This was accepted by the Recreation Office and announced August 18.  KTC also informed MOK that no more discussion regarding the expansion of pickleball would happen this year. 


KTC paid for weed control on the perimeter of the courts to stop the encroachment of weeds under the paint. 

An umbrella was destroyed on Court 1, likely due to being open during high wind events.  This is the second umbrella in the last 2 years that has met its demise.  KTC has decided that the benefit of court-side umbrellas isn’t worth the replacement expense. 

There have been complaints of the court lights being left on when nobody is playing.   MOK has asked that the timer shut the lights off at 10:00 PM compared to the current setting of 11:00 PM.  This won’t likely resolve the issue, but since there are no club activities at that time, the impact on members is negligible. 

Final Note  

There has been some discussion about a year-end social activity since Covid restrictions ended in the spring.  The idea is a Saturday lunch in September, after some morning tennis.  Eva Pyszczynska is looking for volunteers to discuss the feasibility of the event.  Call Eva at 647-287-1516 if you are interested in helping to organize.

The US Open starts today.  Let’s hope the Canadians make a deep run this year. 

Call or email me if you have any questions or comments.