Newsletter #2020-5

Kincardine Tennis Club Newsletter                                               28 Aug 2020 

On the Courts 

Sign up Doubles (SUD) has been popular, often filling 3 courts.

There was a question that if members start earlier than SUD, do they have to vacate the court when the SUD group arrives at 10.  In general, the SUD group will accommodate players that were on the court prior to 10 AM, i.e. let them finish.  If the prior group just started within a half hour of 10:00, and SUD has enough players for 3 courts, then the prior group should just join SUD to give equal access to all members.  There has only been one event of overlap this year, so this isn’t a common problem.

If a group wants to play separately, but will overlap with SUD, then they should check with Jerry Dvorak (email below) for the number of players scheduled for that day.

Members can join Mon, Wed, and Fri at 10:00 AM, email

Drop-in doubles numbers are down as there were only 5 and 6 players the last 2 weeks. Everyone is welcome Tuesday nights from 6-8. 

A situation arose at drop-in doubles 3 weeks ago when 12 members arrived along with some non-members.   A non-member stated that the tennis club had to leave one court open to the public at all times.  Given that nobody from the executive was available to comment on that assertion, a court was kindly left for the non-members. 

For the record, there is no obligation for members to leave a court open to non-members, period.  The priority system for members has been in place since I first joined the club in 1987, and likely since inception.  If someone challenges your interpretation, have them call me at 519-385-1365.

I was told that the light between Court 1 and 2 was replaced this week.  I haven’t verified that yet.


At the time of this newsletter there are 50 adults and 7 junior members.  The growth from last year is largely due to seasonal and vacationing members.  We enjoy their company and welcome them to the club.

OTA News

This year has been interesting because of the Covid-19 rules we have been following.  Thanks for doing your part by physical distancing and using individual marked balls. 

The OTA reports that a club in Montreal had to close because members started to skirt the rules and had to close as a result.  See the attached story for details

Closing Note 

The case of Pro Penn tennis balls was sold out in 24 hours, yet surprisingly, no further orders came in.  Therefore it appears that supply and demand matched perfectly, so another order is not required.

It is nice to see professional tennis back on TV again.  Hopefully the US Open can finish without incident.


Dean Finlay