Newsletter #2021-5


Kincardine Tennis Club Newsletter 2021-5                                                         13 Aug 2021

On the Courts

It’s hard to believe there hasn’t been a newsletter since June 19.  So much has happened since then.

The season is in full swing and membership continues to grow.  The last count listed 71 paid members.

Sign-up doubles Mon, Wed, and Fri. from 10:00 to 11:30 AM, has had strong attendance, filling 3 courts on many days.  Email Jerry Dvorak to join the group at

Tuesday drop-in doubles could use some more players as there are only about 6 per session. 

Pickleball and the Tennis Courts

After the Municipality of Kincardine Recreation Office threatened to paint permanent pickleball lines on the tennis courts, a delegation to the MOK council was made by the Tennis Club, the Recreation Office, and a pickleball player on July 5.

The pickleball player requested that all tennis courts be permanently lined for pickleball.  The Tennis Club asked council to leave the courts unblemished as the shutdown of the Davidson Centre to pickleball is ending in September.

The town council did not make a decision but requested that the parties meet again to come up with another arrangement.

The agreed-to arrangement is for Court 3 to have taped pickleball court lines, and dedicated pickleball times Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8 to noon.  This began July 20th.  In addition, money is being accepted by the town for pickleball.  None of this money is being used for court maintenance.

This arrangement was working well until Aug 6 when vandals removed the tape from Court 3.  The court was re-taped August 9.

The Tennis Club asked the MOK for a security camera to prevent future vandalism, but was rejected due to a strict policy for cameras on municipal property.

Let’s hope there are no more disruptions for the rest of this accommodation. 

Court Maintenance

KTC contracted a local company to replace lights on Courts 1 and 3.  The cost is being covered by the club and shows our commitment to maintaining the courts.  The cost was $1723.80.

Weed control around the fences was applied in late June and will need to be done periodically to prevent the court coating from being damaged.  This is happening already inside the fence.

Issues and Complaints

There have been some complaints from the Condo owners about lights left on at night.  I don’t think this is a problem with club members, but if you happen to be in the area when the lights are on, and nobody is on the courts, please turn them off.

Another complaint from the condos is people using the practice wall on the south side, instead of the north where the net is painted.

An emerging issue is the number of cars from a short-term rental business parking by the tennis shed, leaving almost no parking for tennis and lawn bowling.  This was raised with the bylaw department who said there are no rules to cover this.  The issue was referred to a town councillor for discussion.

Final Thoughts

It is nice to see pro tennis players return to Canada for a tournament.  Enjoy the finals this weekend.

Regards Dean