Newsletter #2020-4

Kincardine Tennis Club Newsletter                                                  10 Aug 2020

On the Courts 

The Sign up Doubles group has had anywhere from 6-10 players and there was a rain-out. If you want to join Mon, Wed, and Fri at 10:00 AM, email

Drop-in doubles was rained out last week, and had 8 players the week before.  Everyone is welcome Tuesday nights from 6-8.

There is a light out on the south side between Court 1 and 2.  The town has been notified to replace it.

Covid Guidelines in Kincardine 

There appears to be some confusion regarding what protocols are in place to prevent the spread of Covid 19 at the Kincardine Tennis Club.  There are some members that play in other clubs in the province that are bringing external protocols to Kincardine, under the assumption that if it is Ok in one part of the province, it is Ok anywhere.

The Ontario Tennis Association has made it clear that the Covid safety guidelines they publish, are guidelines only, which may or may not, be accepted by the local Health Authorities.  So, if another club in the province decides to allow shared balls, because they have hand sanitizing stations courtside, that only applies to their club or municipality.

Since the Kincardine courts are open to the public, KTC is not going to supply hand sanitizing stations between each court.  Therefore, the default protocol in Kincardine, with respect to tennis balls, is to use your own marked balls.  If you decide to share tennis balls, then the expectation is to use hand sanitizer before and after each service game.  This is the agreed to protocol between the town and KTC.

If anyone needs further clarification, please talk to me.


 At the time of this newsletter there are 47 adults and 5 junior members.

Closing Note 

In the last newsletter, members were encouraged to open a new can of balls to improve the consistency of play when playing with individual marked tennis balls.  To further encourage the use of high quality tennis balls, the club is making a bulk purchase of the Pro Penn Marathon Extra Duty balls.  My personal experience with these tennis balls is very positive, as these balls have been used for 12 sets (as shared balls), and were still Ok.  Compare this performance to some others that wear out after 3 sets.  These balls will be available by next week and will be sold, at cost, for $5 per can.  To start with, there will be a 2 can limit per member, to get an idea how much demand there is.  If the demand is high, more will be ordered.


Dean Finlay