Newsletter #2022-4 11-Jul

Kincardine Tennis Club Newsletter 2022-4                                                        

On the Courts

Sign-up doubles set a new record with 16 players on June 13.  Average attendance is about 10 players per day.  Sign-up doubles is on Mon, Wed, and Fri from 10:00 to 11:30 AM.  Email Jerry at to join the group. 

Tuesday drop-in doubles attendance is inconsistent as some nights there are only enough for one court.  To make this activity a success, more players are needed.  This year drop-in doubles will be on Thursday nights, if the Tuesday session is rained out.  Drop-in doubles works just like it sounds, just drop in at 6PM and you will be paired with different partners to play as long as you want.   


Pickleball players made a request to the Municipality to line another tennis court for pickleball, because on one day, there were only 2 tennis players playing at the same time, and there were 13 pickleball players.  The pickleball players considered the wait time to be excessive, given that the tennis courts weren’t fully utilized that day. 

This highlights that on Tuesdays and Thursdays, there is some open court time from 9:00-11:00AM and that members may take this opportunity to play then.  Lessons may also be scheduled during those times.  One group is planning to play at 8:00AM every day, but the other court may be open on some days. 

If you want to play Tuesday or Thursday morning please email or text me in order to coordinate the games.  The week of July 11 is covered. 

Tennis Lessons 

Lessons have begun for junior players and beginner instruction is also available for adults.  Call Charlie Hall Elwood at 519-807-4291, or email to if you are interested in a lesson. 

Most of the lessons are scheduled in the afternoons and use one court. 

Final Note 

Currently membership is up to 79, which exceeds last year’s total.   

Note that after today, this newsletter will only be sent to members that have registered for a 2022 membership.