Newsletter #2021-3

Kincardine Tennis Club Newsletter     29 May 2021

Court Opening May 22
The courts were opened May 22 and, not surprisingly, are very busy.  With the re-opening, a flurry of interest in the club occurred this week, resulting in a number of new members.
Although the Covid restrictions are reduced compared to last year, the 5 person per court limit, with no inter-court mixing, is proving to be a challenge to some of the events in the club.  As a result, the Tuesday drop-in doubles will not begin until the mixing restriction is lifted.  Sign-up doubles is functioning with a 5-player limit.  Therefore, people who drop in unannounced, will have to play on a separate court.
These restrictions should end June 14, but the 2-meter separation requirement will remain.  The Municipality of Kincardine (MOK) placed a sign on the courts saying that individual marked balls are required, but that restriction was dropped by the Ontario Tennis Association last year since there are no known cases of Covid transmission from shared tennis balls.  Hand sanitization is still required.
Pickleball Schedule
The MOK has negotiated with the club to have pickleball on the tennis courts for June, July and August of 2021, as a substitute for the times taken away at the Davidson Center.  This temporary situation will work as follows:
  1. The schedule for pickleball is Mon, Wed and Fri from noon to 3 PM, and Thurs from 9 AM to noon.
  2. Two pickleball courts will be setup on tennis Court 3 with portable nets and lines.  The tennis courts will not have pickleball lines painted on.
  3. Pickleball players have to register to play on the MOK website and pay for each session. They are not tennis club members.
  4. Pickleball players are subject to the same Covid restrictions as tennis players.  i.e. 5 players per court and no mixing between courts.
  5. The pickleball equipment will be stored in the tennis shed and a key lock box will be placed on the door handle for access.  One pickleball player is designated as the “equipment manager” for each session, and is responsible for setting up and taking down the equipment and storing it in the shed again.
  6. Tennis Courts 1 and 2 are still available for play during these times.
The first pickleball session is scheduled for June 2, and the sessions for that week are sold out with 10 players per session.  In order to accommodate more players, June 7 MOK is going to break up the 3-hour sessions into 2 parts, so there will be a changeover after 1.5 hours.  The attendance will be tracked to determine if there is sufficient interest in this approach.  After June 14, it is expected that 6 players will be signed up per court.
The pickleball schedule was chosen to disrupt tennis as little as possible, based on past playing patterns.  The website will display the pickleball schedule.  Please provide any feedback you have regarding the pickleball sessions you encounter.
Court News
A request was made to the town to use herbicide to control the grass that is growing into the sides of the court and lifting the paint.  This is a serious threat to the integrity of the court coating.
The center light on the east side of Court 1 still needs to be replaced.
The benches will return to the courts if reopening occurs on June 14.
It is great that we can play again, and with vaccinations increasing rapidly, there shouldn’t be any other disruptions to the season.  However, please keep in mind that the pandemic isn’t over and be cautious at the courts.