Newsletter #2020-3

Kincardine Tennis Club Newsletter                                                  31 July 2020 

 On the Courts 

 The Sign-up Doubles group had has averaged 9 players per session the last 2 weeks with a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 11 players.  If you want to join next week, email

 Drop-in doubles has had 11, and 8 players, the last 2 weeks.  Everyone is welcome Tuesday nights from 6-8. 

 The west gate was opened today for use.  There is a sign there to inform people of the Covid rules of play. 

 Ontario Tennis Association 

 The club has paid the OTA for the first instalment of dues for 2020 and for general liability insurance.  The dues payment means that all KTC members enjoy the benefits the OTA offers.  Because member benefits are reduced this year, as events like the Rogers Cup have been cancelled, the OTA applied a 50% discount to the 2020 dues.   

 As a result, the club is expected have a small surplus in 2020, barring any unforeseen expenses. 


At the time of this newsletter there are 46 adults and 5 junior members.  

 Closing Note 

Most members have chosen to stay with the “use your own ball” system, rather than hand sanitize before and after every service game.  I can pass on that the Southampton Tennis Club has gone this direction also.  Members have expressed that they don’t like using hand sanitizer that frequently, because of the effect on their hands and racquet grip.

Since this is the halfway point in the season it is a good time to open up a new can of tennis balls.  Some of the balls being used now are of “road hockey” quality.  If we all open a new can at roughly the same time, it will improve the consistency and enjoyment of play.   


Dean Finlay