Newsletter #1

This is the first newsletter for the newly re-established Kincardine Tennis Club.

The Kincardine Tennis Club (KTC) restarted 25 Jun 2019.  The Municipality of Kincardine (MoK) authorized the KTC to operate the club on the Harbour St. courts for the remainder of 2019.  The current arrangement with MoK continues the historic relationship KTC has had with MoK.

MoK has indicated that they would like to see some kind of lease agreement with KTC negotiated over the next winter.

So the following guidelines apply for KTC operation:

  • Club members have bumping rights for the courts (Please be courteous)
  • To prove you are a member, you need a shoe tag
  • The club has control of the court schedule
  • Only tennis is permitted on the courts
  • The club will maintain the courts i.e. sweep and cleanup as necessary, and install windscreens
  • Members of the public are allowed to use the courts when club members are not using them
  • Turn off the lights when you leave the courts at night


KTC Executive: 

At the Jun 25th meeting a new executive was appointed as follows:

  • Dean Finlay – President, 396-3177 home, 519-385-1365 cell
  • Eva Pyszczynska – Treasurer, 395-0492 home, 647-287-1516 cell
  • Anne Gibson, Membership, 396-3172 home, 519-386-2117 cell

Other positions may be created as the club grows.  Jerry Fabian and Josh Howald have informally performed court maintenance.  If you have any suggestions for improvements or activities, contact any of the executives.


Planned Activities                                                                                      

At the time of this newsletter there are 27 paid members.  As such, an organized league doesn’t seem viable.  As membership grows, and people indicate an interest, league play may be started.


For now there will be a drop-in open doubles every Tuesday from 6-8 PM.  It is intended to be very informal and partners will be rotated often.




In addition Jerry Dvorak is organizing a doubles group from 10:30 to noon Mon, Wed, and Fri depending on numbers.  If you want to be part of that group email Jerry at  Be aware that some days there are not enough people to play, and the event is cancelled.  So check with Jerry before going out.




Since the membership numbers are low at the moment I would encourage everyone to get the word out about the club.  If you find any prospective members, please refer them to one of the executive members or to .


The rates for 2019 are:


$40 per Adult

$80 per family

$15 for 18 years of age and under


The website is woefully out of date and will getting an upgrade this year.  The only part of the website that works is the email address-  Any email to this address is directed to me.


Dave Lawrence has been giving private lessons on the courts this year and can be reached at  Any lessons will be integrated into the club schedule.

Ontario Tennis Association

The KTC has previously been part of the Ontario Tennis Association (OTA).  It is our intent to maintain this relationship.  Members will receive OTA member cards, which entitles them to discounts at selected retailers and other clubs.

Closing Note

It was nice to see all courts in use early on July 5.  The club hopes to generate interest in the game of tennis in Kincardine and area, and re-establish the club as an active and welcoming organization in our community.


Dean Finlay