Newsletter #4

On the Courts

The numbers were strong for Tuesday drop-in doubles, from 6 to 8 PM, on Aug 13, but not all courts were full Aug 20.  Some people emailed me asking when the drop-in doubles was, which tells me that the newsletters are not that effective.  Therefore the newsletter will not be in the form of an attachment to an email from now on.

“Sign Up Doubles” sessions are generally occurring 2 of 3 days per week, with 5 or 6 players each time.  As summer ends some of the players in this group are returning to their winter homes, so more players are required to keep it going until the snow flies.  It is Mon, Wed, and Fri from 10 to 11:30. Please contact Jerry at to receive the invitation email.

Congratulations to club member Dave Lawrence for a hard fought silver medal in the Southampton Tennis Club Over 45 Cups playoff.  I have played in the “Cups” a couple of times and know that the competition is tough. Dave offers lessons in Kincardine and can be contacted at

Ontario Tennis Association

The OTA has a smart phone App called “Club OTA” to provide OTA member benefits, and now the Kincardine Tennis Club is on the list, so members can sign up.

When you sign up there are news, offers, contests, the Ontario Tennis Magazine, score submissions and more.  You can also print out an OTA member card which can be used at other OTA clubs. 


The website is still not updated yet.  Due to the cost and technical difficulties working with BMTS the website will be moving to another provider.

Court Maintenance

Some of the net posts were not sealed properly and have been collecting water and even growing weeds.  The club maintenance crew will be sealing up the cracks around the posts and filling in court gouges before winter.  It is not expected that there will be any downtime for the courts.

Now that the courtside umbrellas are functioning, please remember to close the umbrellas before leaving.  Winds generally increase in the fall and it would be a shame to have the umbrellas damaged.


At the time of this newsletter, there are 43 paid members.  This is a good start for the re-formed club. A membership drive will begin next March in order to boost the numbers

Closing Note

It was great to see a Canadian Woman win the Rogers Cup (formerly Canadian Open) for the first time in 50 years.  Hopefully, Bianca Andreescu can have a long run at the US Open.


  • Dean Finlay – President, 396-3177 home, 519-385-1365 cell
  • Eva Pyszczynska – Treasurer, 395-0492 home, 647-287-1516 cell
  • Anne Gibson, Membership, 396-3172 home, 519-386-2117 cell  

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