2024 Registration Form

Copy the text below to a word processing program, complete, and return to info@kincardinetennisclub.com.

Kincardine Tennis Club (KTC)-2024 Membership Registration form

NAME (Print):

EMAIL (Print):




ADULT MEMBERSHIP:   ________  FEE   $ 65    JUNIOR ( Under 19 ):   ________  FEE  $ 15

Family – $130 Includes 2 adults and all children under 19. _____

(Enter no. In family) Add names and contact information on the back of the form.

Send registration form and pay by Etransfer to info@kincardinetennisclub.com.  Further information is at kincardinetennisclub.com

In exchange for membership, for myself and/or any junior member named above,  I:

  • Accept that Kincardine Tennis Club activities have risks of injury, and expressly assume them;  I agree that the KTC, its directors, staff, and agents and their heirs, executors and legal representatives will not be liable for and are hereby released from any loss, damage, injury or costs howsoever caused, or sustained by me or any junior member named above while at KTC facilities;
  • Confirm that I have read, understood and agree to be bound by the above statement



See KTC website, Etiquette , for further details.