Newsletter #2

There was a good turnout for the drop-in doubles on Tuesday as all three courts were filled. The drop-in doubles format is for one team to win 4 games, then rotate courts and split partners. Every night will be slightly different because of varying numbers. The idea is to promote play with multiple partners.

The “Come as you Please” doubles was cancelled July 5, and 12, so it appears that Fridays aren’t attracting players. The Monday and Wednesday sessions went as planned. These sessions are Mon, Wed, and Fri from 10:30 to noon. Please contact Jerry Dvorak at to receive the invitation email.

For the next two weeks, Anand Panditrao and Eva Pyszczynska will help to organize.


At the time of this newsletter there are 36 paid members. If you know anyone who is interested in joining please have them email

The rates for 2019 are:

  • $40 per adult
  • $80 per family
  • $15 for 18 years of age and under

Ontario Tennis Association

The KTC has officially joined the Ontario Tennis Association (OTA). Information about member benefits is at this link.

Court Maintenance

One of the wooden covers was removed from an old light standard base beside Court 1. The reason is to reduce the hazard the cover was creating. The remaining metal spikes will also be removed. Some members were asking about umbrellas for Courts 1 and 3. Only one umbrella of three the club has, actually works, so we will look for replacements. If any members are looking to get rid of an umbrella, the club would be happy to accept any in good working order.

Closing Note

For the next two weeks if there are any issues that need immediate attention call Anne (396-3712 or 519-386-2117) or Eva (395-0492 or 647-287-1516). I will be answering email, but may not respond as quickly as normal.

Enjoy the great weather.

Dean Finlay

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